Photo Wall - Oh The Memories...

  • Photo Wall - Oh The Memories...

    (Below) Tracking The Lone Bellow in Oxford, MS.  What a great band!

    (Below) Wayne, Trisha, Garth, and myself...

    (Below) (L - R) Phil, Emmy, and some guy lucky enough to be there to capture the incredibleness

    (Below) The mighty Trident 80B - an old and trusted friend...  Tracking Jake Glenn @ The Beanstalk

    (Below) Sound Emporium A - tracking The Wood Brothers

    (Below) Tracking Humming People with Phil Madeira @ Dry Hill Studio in Norway

    (Below) House of David on the famous API that appears to have just shocked me below the waist...Tracking Buddy Miller

    (Below) The Workshop v2.0 (the early days) with Brian Owings tracking Emmylou Harris

    (Below) I am your captain - Fuzzy Slippers Studios, Minnepolis, MN - Tracking Sara Renner & Jay Asplin with Nate Sabin

    (Below) With Michael Farren at Eaglemont Studios, Winthrop, WA tracking a Centricity Worship Project

    (Below) Tracking John Scofield @ Vibe56 on Music Row - I appear intent on this edit being right...

    (Below) Sco' and band - we crushed it that day...  Absolutely crushed it. -- (L to R) Byron House, Madeira, Brian Owings, Scofield, Dan Tyminski, toddro)

    (Below) Tracking with Ken Lewis & Scott Dente @ Blackbird.  Eyeing Ken with the suspicion he deserves...

    (Below) Tracking Downhere @ Eaglemont Studios, Winthrop, WA

    (Below) Phil Madeira getting it done @ Oceanway B on Music Row tracking Paul Clark

    (Below) Tracking The Banner Days @ Crossroads Studios in Vancouver, WA

    (Below) Tracking Nicole Serrano & Caroline Nikolaus @ Eaglemont Studios, Winthrop, WA

    (Below) Doug Seegers gets it done in Sound Emporium B.  What a great story - look him up!

    (Below) Carlos just laid it down on bass guitar - mad props! Jake Glenn session

    (Below) The usual suspects - Lynn Nichols, Moi, Phil Madeira... Mixing Rachel Davis' cd

    (Below) Helping Madeira with his chords @ Fuzzy Slipper Studios in Minneapolis, MN Tracking Jay Asplin

    (Below) Getting it done in Sound Emporium B on the old 80B, now replaced by a rockin' API --- Tracking Suzie Brown

    (Below) A late night at The Beanstalk.  Can you spot the ghost???

    (Below) Backstage working The Who concert

    (Below) Backstage working the Van Halen concert - this box contained THE guitars...

    (Below) Another shot of the studio we built in Dry Hill, Norway for Humming People tracking sessions