Studio Design & Consulting

In addition to steady work producing, recording and mixing in Nashville and beyond, I am working hard at expanding my studio design & consulting business.  I implemented 6 studios 2013 and 6 more this year in 2014.  I am finding this type of work very enjoyable, and my clients have been very pleased with my results.

I truly believe that those who invest thousands upon thousands of dollars in high-end gear would be best served by taking a fraction of that gear budget and investing it in two things.  First, their room or workspace, to make it as accurate and efficient as possible, and two, their craft, where they can learn how to work better, smarter, faster, and more efficiently.  The dividends these investments will pay will be enormous, much more so than another "latest/greatest" eq or attempting to solve acoustical issues with expensive foam products that are placed haphazardly with often disappointing results.

Some folks have me come in and simply get their room dialed in and sounding great, and it can be done in one day with dramatic results and significant improvement to room sound and accuracy.  It costs about the same as a nice piece of outboard gear but it will enhance everything you do in your studio, from just listening to music, to recording and mixing.  It can truly allow you to concentrate solely on your music, and not have to second-guess what you are hearing as you record or mix.

To expand on that, a recent client in Ohio had me work with him from the ground up on a studio design & build-out in an empty space.  Once our plans were brought to life by his build team, I traveled up to his studio to work on tuning the room, positioning his monitors correctly, and installing the room treatments.  The end result was a room that was accurate, efficient, very musical sounding, and it looked great.  Again, this was done on a budget that did not break the bank compared to his overall investment in his craft.

Another recent client in Wisconsin had me come up and tune his room that he had already built and I was able to greatly improve its accuracy and frequency response.  Afterwards, he had me spend 3 days with him recording and mixing while he asked questions, observed, and then got hands on while I coached him.  For him, it was invaluable learning experience that is not readily available anywhere else, and it allowed him to approach his craft with a new confidence.  Also, as a result of the work I did tuning his room, he was able, for the first time ever, to trust the fact that what he was hearing in his room would translate to his car, his home, and his end product.

If you might be interested in having a professional with over 25 years of experience get your studio dialed in & sounding great, or may be interested in professional one-on-one training or coaching in your own studio, or maybe a combination of both, I would love to talk to you.

Additionally, if you may know of a school or a church interested in putting together a recording workshop, please let me know.  I have a great "program" I can do for a workshop type setting,  across one or several days.  I have also worked with churches who have integrated this into workshops that cover worship, playing in church worship bands, and other church-centered artistic endeavors.


  • room design for accuracy, efficiency, workflow, and musicality
  • room tuning for accuracy and frequency response
  • placement of acoustical treatments for maximum effect on an accurate room response
  • monitor positioning for maximum accuracy, frequency response, and imaging
  • ensuring absolute phase throughout the signal path (a huge problem in many rooms)
  • consulting on equipment, microphones, instruments, and all facets of studio inventory
  • coaching, consulting, mentoring in all facets of recording and mixing
  • references available upon request

Recent Clients:

  • Sevens Gate Studios - Hudson, WI - (room and speaker tuning)
  • Fir Hill Studio - Akron, OH - (complete build with room and speaker tuning)
  • The Workshop - Franklin, TN - (complete build with room and speaker tuning)
  • Blake Bollinger - Nashville, TN - (complete build with room and speaker tuning)
  • Dave Bechtel- Spring Hill, TN - (consultation on acoustic treatments)
  • Daniel Kinner - Spring Hill, TN - (speaker tuning)
  • Jeff Mathena - Nashville, TN - (acoustic design, consultation on acoustic treatments)
  • Luke Sheets - Nashville, TN  -(acoustic design, consultation on acoustic treatments)
  • Dry Hill Studio - Torberget, Norway - (complete build of remote recording studio)
  • Ross Copperman - Nashville, TN - (acoustic design, room and speaker tuning)
  • Mike Proctor - Nashville, TN - (acoustic design, room and speaker tuning)
  • Quad Studios - Nashville, TN - (consultation on acoustic treatments)
  • More pictures and information here

a before (green) and after (blue) - the black line is "flat" - which room would you trust?